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Recent Discussions
Answered by thulasiram.B  | 3 years ago
Increase/decrease in flow rate may lead to removal of endotoxin content from final product?
Referred by Budhish  | 3 years ago
cryoprotective agents ? cryonics ? cryogenics ? or anything else related to cryobilogy? Does any of the topic hold good for researc in India ? if yes where ? if no can i take the initiative ?
Referred by Jagruti.K.Sachanandani  | 3 years ago
Researchers Grow Insulin-Producing Cells From Testes Researchers Say Advancement May Lead to Cure for Type 1 Diabetes New research suggests it may be possible for people with type 1 diabetes to grow their own insulin-producing cells -- an advancement...
Referred by suyashi  | 3 years ago
Being a homeothermic we maintain a constant body temperature by means of homeostasis, so environmental temperature variation directly influences on our body.Therefore, we feel hot during summer and cold during winter.
Answered by vishwa bharathi.H.A  | 3 years ago